I have managed several WordPress designed sites, as well as created sites from scratch, using MariaDB, PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I often use Jquery and W3CSS tools to have a consistent, modern look, while ensuring responsive sites that look and work well no matter how the site is visited. I ensure that they work with mobile, tablet and desktop applications.

This site was created to track inventory and work orders for a small K-12 school district:

This site was created to allow people to apply for jobs, including upload their resume (limited to PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT formats). It allowed an admin to create new job postings, edit and add client information (they served multiple clients in multiple states) and save job positions to re-use if the opening’s status changed between filled and needing to be filled.

Logo created for PMGroup

I also created them a custom logo, in both raster and vector format, for use on stationary, websites and embroidered materials.

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