This project was created to give us hands on experience creating multiple outputs from a single source using MadCap Flare for the ETC 420, Technical Documentation class. I have experience using FOSS toolchains, harnessing markdown source to create Microsoft Word docx, Libreoffice odt, PDF and HTML outputs via PHP and pandoc. This, however, was my first foray using MadCap Flare.

MadCap Flare output:

This is the improved version, where I edited the HTML and CSS files directly, to improve the look and feel of the website. Please note how much easier the improved site is to navigate. I changed how the menus appear, and the color scheme of the search bar. I added HTML5 structures such as <figure> and <figcaptions> to the images, added a background image, updated the logo, making it less obtrusive, and modified the menus, ensuring they work properly for screen and tablet outputs. This can be seen by visiting this page, which has the <iframe> elements sized to mimic the size of a mobile device or tablet. Many of the content sub-pages have not been updated, as this site is not intended to be used, but only as an exercise.

Customized output:

This is the end if you have followed the trail of links.

Please use the Table of Contents to the left to further explore my portfolio.

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