KEØDOX is on the air!

Look for me to be on random HF frequencies, or monitoring the WØMB repeater in Gladstone, MO. 145.43-

Setup Raspberry Pi to send/recieve sstv signals via ham radio Via Chertsey radio club or install on regular Ubuntu (still have to compile for latest and greatest version) using instructions here.

Great site on recognizing digital modes via waterfall. Via G4UCJ

Most of my digital modes on Raspberry and Linux in general are via WSJT and FLDigi (sudo apt install fldigi)

Ever wonder what difference an antenna makes?

Using the stock Baofeng antenna around 88Mhz

Using a Nagoya antenna around 88Mhz

You can see the signals are stronger, and this is really evident around 87.6, where a signal that is barely seen is clear when using the Nagoya. Every little bit of signal helps when detecting radio.

Some ham related images